Bladder Health UK Privacy Notice (BHUK)

At Bladder Health UK we are aware of the importance of keeping your personal data safe and secure. We appreciate that when you share your data with us you trust us to look after it. Our Privacy notice describes to you:

1.       Who we are?

2.       What personal data we need & how we collect it?

3.       What we do with your personal data?

4.       Who has access to the data that we hold?

5.       How do we store your data?

6.       How long we hold your information for?

7.       Your rights and how to exercise them?

8.       Changes to this privacy notice

9.       How to contact us and complain?

1.Who we are?

Bladder Health UK is a registered charity.  Reg. No: 1149973, regulated by the Charities commission. BHUK is governed by a board of trustees and operates under its Constitution. We are the Data Controller when processing your data.

The Data Protection contact (person responsible for maintaining records of personal data and data processing activity) is Suzanne Evans, Business Director.

2. What personal data we need and how we collect it?

a, When you join Bladder Health UK we ask for your name, address, telephone number and an email address (if you have one)

b, When you register for your Priority Access card, we ask for name, address and an email address.

In addition, we may ask for some details about your medical condition relating to your bladder and what treatments you have received in order for us to provide a personal service for you, however it is your decision what health details you share with us.

c, We collect cookies when you use our website, please see our cookie policy for more details.

How we collect your data?

We only use your personal data when the law allows us to. Most commonly, we will use your personal data in the following circumstances:

·       Where there is a contract in place (this is when you become a member) and we process the personal data in the administration of entering into or maintaining this contract.

·       Where it is in the legitimate interest of yourself and the charity.

·       Where we are using Vital Interests, to protect you, if we feel you may be at risk.

·       When you give consent on our application forms or website contact form for us to send you relevant additional services and products information. Remember whenever you give us consent you are in control of how we contact you, and if you would like to unsubscribe at any time we provide the information on how you do this easily.




Personal Data is taken through the following channels:


1. Postal Application Forms

Data is typed in to the BHUK Data Base. The data base is hosted remotely by Intelisense IT who are our CRM provider. Any Paper Forms are securely shredded.

2. On-Line Application Forms

Data is taken from Enthuse - who we use to collect our membership – and then transferred to Bladder Health UK to update our BHUK Data Base which is securely stored within our CRM system.

3. Phone Applications

Data is typed directly into the BHUK Data Base stored within our CRM system.


3.What do we do with your personal data?

Without this information it would be difficult for BHUK to provide you with a membership pack of supporting information or to offer on-going support for your specific needs -which is our prime purpose.

We use your personal data to provide your priority access card.

We do not use your data for purposes other than for the benefit of you and other members of the charity. None of your data is passed on to third parties for direct marketing purposes. If we would like to use your data then we will always ask for your permission before we do so.

We also offer social media groups through Bladder Health UK, we follow our social media policy to help to protect our members for example within Facebook we have closed user groups, with strict group rules, which we only allow membership to if relevant conditions have been diagnosed.


4.Who also has access to the data we hold?


As the Data Controller we only use trusted third parties to help us to provide our service to you, we have checked their Data Protection/GDPR compliance to ensure that we are happy to share your data.


Volunteers have Names and Addresses of those wishing to join a local group are passed on to the Regional Co-ordinators. The Regional Co-ordinators comply with our Data Protection standards to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.


Intelisense IT who provide our CRM system has access to all names, addresses and illness/treatment details that are held in our database as they host BHUK’s Database.  It would not be possible for BHUK to maintain our current service without the services of a data base hosting company.


Lion Press is the printing company that print the BHUK Magazine.  We have a secure process in place so that we don’t send names and addresses through email systems.  After the magazine distribution the lists are deleted.


Forty49 host our website enabling us to offer you the best service experience that we can.


Additional considerations - Bladder Health UK use Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to offer social media groups and support, for example on Facebook we have closed user support groups where you will be required to confirm a diagnosis to become a member, we are not responsible for their data privacy conduct and would recommend that you check their privacy notices as the below links:


Facebook and Instagram offered by Meta Platforms see




5. How do we store your data?


The charity regularly reviews its arrangements for physical and IT security, ensuring these remain aligned to industry leading practice and continue to robustly safeguard member personal data, protecting against its unauthorised access or misuse.


6.How long do we hold your data for?

We will keep your data for as long as is necessary for BHUK to fulfil the purpose of the charity. We renew membership on an annual basis.  If you choose not to renew then we will delete all your details from our Data Base No paper records are kept other than by the Regional Co-ordinators. Regional Co-ordinators will shred/ dispose securely of member details if they cease to be members. The charity keeps a processing and retention record which gives our specific retention information for each category of data.

7.Your rights and how to exercise them

Access to your personal data and data portability

You have the right to access and receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, this is called a ‘Subject Access Report.’  This will provide you with all personal data we hold about you, subject to some limited exemptions for example, you will not necessarily be entitled to access third party information.

Also you have the right to data portability.  Under this right for information you can request that your personal data is provided to you (or another organisation) in a portable, electronic format.


Change, restrict, delete

You may also have rights to change, restrict the use of, or delete your personal information. Unless there is an exceptional circumstance (like where we are required to store personal information for legal reasons) we will generally delete your personal information.



You can object to us processing your information based on our legitimate interests. In such cases, we will delete your personal information within a month of receipt of the objection, unless we have compelling and legitimate grounds to continue using that information or if it is needed for legal reasons.


8.Changes to this Privacy Notice

BHUK reserves the right to amend this notice at any time in line with legislation changes. This Privacy Notice was last updated in March 2022.

9.How to contact us & complain


Should you be unhappy with how we are handling you data we would hope that you will contact us first at:   Bladder Health UK, Kings Court,17 School Road, Birmingham B28 8JG.  Telephone: 0121 702 0820. Email:

Alternatively you can contact the relevant Supervisory Authority which is the Information Commissioners Office:



This Cookie policy explains how Bladder Health UK uses cookies and similar technologies to recognise you when you visit our website: 

It explains what these technologies are and why we use them, as well as your rights to control our use of them.

In some cases we may use cookies to collect personal information, or that which becomes personal information if we combine it with other information.

What are cookies?

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Why do we use Cookies?

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How can I control cookies?

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