Support the e-Petition to Measure Pain

27 January, 2014

The COB Foundation is part of Pain UK, an organisation that seeks to work with support organisations such as ourselves to help raise awareness of pain and the impact it has on people's lives. Pain UK has started a new e-petition which aims to trigger a parliamentary debate to prioritise pain in the NHS.

Pain UK's Champion for 2013, Jean Gaffin asks, 'for pain to be discussed, measured, treated and recorded at every appropriate patient contact." She has been working on this over the year attempting to raise the profile of pain within the Health and Care system.

Over 14 million people in England live with persistent pain, which can affect work, family and daily life. The organisations responsible for setting standards of care for health and social care professionals should ensure that these professionals help people living with pain by asking about their pain, measuring it, recording it, treating it and managing it at every opportunity

People in pain may find it difficult to talk about it when they are with a health or care professional. Patients should be asked whether they are in pain, and how it affects their daily living. Pain should be measured and the results record and included in a pain management plan which would include self-management.

If asking about pain was as routine as taking a temperature or blood pressure people living with chronic pain could be helped routinely and regularly to manage their pain and have it treated effectively.

Together we could make a difference and move pain up the health agenda.

Sign and get friends and relatives to sign too. We need ten-thousand signatures! It only takes a minute to sign!


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