Why Donate

Why Donate

Why Should I Contribute to Bladder Health UK?

As a small charity we depend on many and varied ways to raise money to sustain the work that we do. Donations - large or small -  make a big difference to the thousands of people who use our information and support services because they help Bladder Health UK to continue to develop and keep up to date with the latest news and views on Continence issues. Importantly it means we are able to support and communicate key messages to members old and new.

Finding ways to cope with bladder illness is often a slow, painful, bewildering and lonely task.Your contribution to Bladder Health UK will help those who are struggling for an accurate diagnosis by enabling us to provide them with personal support and valuable information. Your donations will help us to alleviate the loneliness and isolation that many feel and will put them in touch with others also suffering from this debilitating illness.

Your gift will help to fund research into chronic bladder illness and support us to strive to identify the cause of the desease and to develop better and effective treatment or even a cure.

We regularly receive e-mails and calls from members telling us just how important BHUK work is and thanking us for all we have done for them but without your support none of this would have been possible. Your generosity brings hope to those who are in despair and gives them faith in the possibility of something better. People like Susannah.

 Susannah’s Story

 Susannah was 28 when she first developed a painful bladder. Antibiotics prescribed by her GP were ineffective in curing the problem and Susannah was passed to a urologist who dismissed her problems as being psychological. In terrible pain, virtually housebound and feeling isolated and in despair Susannah became suicidal. Then, following an article featuring the BHUK Foundation in a magazine, Susannah made contact with us. We put her in touch with a local group of our members who were able to offer Susannah support on her journey to obtain a diagnosis. We gave Susannah information on interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome, which was a disease she did not know at the time even existed and were able to offer support to Susannah’s husband via our advice line. Susannah was subsequently diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and we were able to offer Susannah our Interstitial Cystitis Handbook and dietary advice in the form of a Diet Booklet. She was put on regular medication which enabled her life to resume and we were able to reassure Susannah that although, the condition was lifelong, we would always be here to support and advise her.

Every donation makes a difference, no matter how small, and delivers the gift of hope to so many. Many, like Susannah, who without us might give up all hope. Just £10.00 enables us to staff our advice line for one hour during which time we might speak to four /six people who will benefit from our help, at least two of whom will be suicidal. Please give that gift today.

Did you know that a £10 donation to BHUK will pay for 4*15 minute advice line calls? - Critical for that person who needs a caring, supportive and knowledgeable person to listen to them.

Did you know that a £20 donation to BHUK will pay for a month’s internet connection? - Essential for BHUK to reach out to the rest of the world and share information.

Did you know that a £50 donation to BHUK will pay for postage of 25 patient literature and medical information packs? - a lifeline for those trying to make sense of their condition

Did you know that a £100 donation to BHUK will pay for 2 days of essential administration ? - necessary if we are to continue to do what we do so well


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