What do we do

What do we do

Bladder Health UK is a registered UK charity: 1149973

What does Bladder Health UK do?

Bladder Health UK gives support to people with all forms of cystitis, overactive bladder and continence issues together with their families and friends. We are the largest bladder patient support charity in the UK. We have a busy chat room/Forum , a widely used website and active Twitter and Facebook accounts for those bladder illness sufferers seeking information, help and support.


To work in partnership with key stakeholders to aim for a future free from the pain, stigma and isolation of bladder illness

We will do this by…

  • Ensuring people with bladder health issues can expect a consistent level of healthcare support and treatment
  • Encouraging research into new treatments and personal management strategies
  • Working pro-actively with other like-minded organisations and charities to raise the profile of bladder illness issues


"To help people live positively with bladder illness through the provision of personalised support and care"

 Commitment to our members: We will…..

  • share your journey to better bladder health
  • provide you with support and contact with others with similar conditions and concerns
  • be a trustworthy source of information and advice on the most up-to-date and available treatment options
  • elevate patient concerns to ensure your voice is heard
  • give you the confidence to make the right choice for you and your bladder health

Bladder Health UK (formerly The COB Foundation) has been in existence since 2003 and we have grown in to the largest bladder patient support charity in the UK. Our membership is increasing year-on-year and our telephone advice line receives a constant stream of enquiries from those in need of support and information. Our membership also includes health care professionals, who join us to learn more about our resource information and the current therapies and treatment options that are available to aid sufferers.

We work with department of health organisations and other medical bodies to improve patient care and share information.

The support we provide

Joining Bladder Health UK will enable you to understand your bladder illness and find ways to help manage your symptoms. Your membership is a very important part of our on-going work to raise awareness of bladder illness, not only for sufferers, but also their families, friends and employers. To find out more about the full benefits of becoming a member here

Check out our resources section to find out what else is available to help inform you about your bladder problem. There are also our very popular message boards which enable sufferers to discuss conditions and support each other live online. In addition to providing information via this website, Bladder Health UK also offers more help to members via local groups and our magazine.

Since the beginning, the charity has produced a very informative magazine, providing up-to-date information on the latest treatments, research, resources and story features. There is a facility to write and have letters, opinions and experiences published or pose questions to our medical advisers. 

We have a network of support available in some geographical areas for our members. The groups are run by volunteers who are fellow sufferers. We also operate a “phone-pals” system, which enables members to talk to each other for advice and support.

Please note: Bladder Health UK does not engage in the practice of medicine.  It is not a medical authority nor does it claim to have medical knowledge.  In all cases we recommend that you consult your own doctor or urologist regarding any course of treatment or medication.



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